About: The Guide

We’re excited to provide you with tools you can use to support our local agricultural producers. Our online guide is a compilation of family farms, restaurants, grocers, institutions, and food artisans whom share a common mission to support and promote local food. Whether they are growing fruits and vegetables to sell at a market, or a baker buying fresh ingredients from local farms, the folks listed in this guide strive to Buy Fresh and Local with the seasons, just like you.

The Guide allows you to find food that’s closest to you by searching by county or zip code. Descriptions of the types of listings you will find in the guide are below. Please let us know if you find any discrepancies, additions or errors by . We hope you find our Online Food Guide your almanac for seasonal eating. Happy foraging!


These participating caterers and bakers have agreed to increase purchases of locally grown food. Ask for local fresh foods for your next event and eat the freshest foods while supporting local farm families and helping to preserve a landscape that continues to have working farms.


CSA is a direct connection between the farmers and the consumers. To join a CSA is to buy a share of the season’s harvest. The farmer gains the security of knowing he or she has been paid for a portion of the harvest and the farmer’s “community” participates in how and where their food is grown. This direct connection puts the face and place of food in full view.

Before the start of the season, when the farmer is planning the upcoming year, shares are sold to members of the community at a fixed price. The farmer plans the plantings to meet the shares that have been sold. Every week throughout the season, the CSA community receives a box of that week’s harvest. Most of the local CSAs will deliver to several convenient area locations, but they always encourage the community to come to the farm, and even to participate in the growing of their food.


The family farms featured in this guide are producing fresh healthy food in ways that benefit the community and the environment. Seek out and enjoy the delicious and diverse abundance from our community farms.


Farmers’ markets have the freshest foods and greatest seasonal variety that can be found. Farmers’ markets are also the best place to meet a farmer. Each market is different — reflecting the desires of the local community and the farming conditions of the area. They all provide a direct connection between the farmer and the consumer and have the freshest, healthiest food available.


These grocers are committed to buying and featuring locally produced foods. These participating stores are campaign partners and display the “Buy Fresh Buy Local” logo. Look for this logo at your favorite store and be sure to ask for local Central Coast food wherever you shop.


These restaurants feature fine cuisine prepared with fresh local food. Enjoy the great taste of regional cuisine and ask for locally grown food where you dine. These restaurants have made the special effort to connect with local farms and to serve the freshest and healthiest food available.


These school districts, universities and hospitals are increasingly purchasing local foods, including fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat and nuts.


Experience the farm and be sure you are getting the freshest fruits and vegetables possible by picking your own. The following family farms invite you to come and share the beauty of their farmland. Bring the kids and make sure that they know where food comes from! All u-pick farms are seasonal, so call for operating days and times.