The following are guidelines for our various partners to participate in Buy Fresh, Buy Local:

To participate in the campaign, must display their county of origin or regional campaign materials to provide place based information for their products. They also agree to work toward a more environmentally sensitive agricultural system. Farmers cannot use the Buy Fresh, Buy Local message outside of California.

We want to promote those restaurants whom know the sources of their food and help educate their customers about it! They must serve 25% locally grown foods as defined by a region (the Bay Area is 17 counties total for example). We encourage restaurants to use our materials in their businesses marketing as much as possible.

Hospitals, universities and school districts are increasingly purchasing local food. We have a minimum of 5% annual purchasing with a goal of increasing their purchases to 5% each consecutive year from local sources. This includes fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat and nuts.

These folks agree to accurately label the products with their grocery, dairy, meat and produce departments with Buy Fresh, Buy Local materials where they are appropriate. The campaign helps them identify potential new sources for products to increase their local purchasing.

People who make products from farmer goods are call “food artisans” and can include things such as jams, cured meats and prepared foods. These foods must contain 60% ingredients from the locally defined region of the campaign.