Local Menu: Eating Out

More restaurants and cafes are integrating ingredients from local farms and processors into their menus. If so, they will almost always advertise as such, making it easier for local food-conscious folks to order local food out.

    Some BFBL Local Food Guides include participating or supporting restaurants. If you already buy local foods from farmers directly, ask them if they deliver food to any restaurants and if so, which ones. If they haven’t delved into this sector yet, urge them to give it a  try! 

    The dollar does talk, and if you are trying to put your money where your local food system is, be vocal about it! Ask your waiter if the restaurant buys anything from local farmers, and then order the dishes that use those ingredients. If you have friends or family in the restaurant business, offer information about Buy Fresh Buy Local, and how they can be a supporter. If they do decide to buy from local farms, make sure they prominently feature this fact on their menu to keep folks thinking about where their food comes from. 

    FoodRoutes Network is a non-profit organization based in Pennsylvania that provides communications tools, organizing support, and marketing resources to our grassroots chapters throughout the US that are working to rebuild local food systems and promote sustainable agriculture. Buy Fresh Buy Local chapters are connecting consumers in communities throughout the country to the freshest, most delicious locally grown and produced foods available. Through outreach events, local food guides, and educational materials, Buy Fresh Buy Local makes it easy for consumers to find and connect with local food from farmers they can know and trust. 

    FoodRoutes Network of Regional Chapter Affiliates and Local Volunteer Chapters work within the community at the state and local levels to involve more consumers in the revitalization of our local food systems. From farmers’ markets, restaurants, grocery stores, co-ops, and community supported farms to large scale institutions – such as colleges and retirement homes – Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapters are bringing back the base for locally grown food in communities across the US. 

    If you are located in California, contact the Community Alliance With Family Farmers ( CAFF ) for more information. If you reside outside of California and would like to find a chapter in your area, or to learn more about starting up a BFBL chapter, contact Tim Schlitzer ( tims@foodroutes.org ) or visithttp://www.foodroutes.org .