Local Menu: Recipe Tips

So you’ve just come back from your local farmers market or picked up your weekly CSA share and you find yourself staring blankly at the bushel of kohlrabi in your basket. In other words, sometimes buying locally and seasonal eating can leave you on the hunt for a few new recipes. Fear not! There are plenty of resources to help you find what you are looking for.

    Trust us, those who produce your food will usually have the best (and most regional) recipes, and are usually eager to share their favorites! This can be in the form of a weekly CSA newsletter, a farmers market bulletin or cooking demonstration, or perhaps a restaurant featuring local foods/specials. 

    Your local or regional newspaper tends to share seasonal recipes in their Cooking or Home & Garden sections, which is nice because they also tend to showcase more regional cuisine of the area. 

    In addition, magazines such as Mother Earth News and even Cooking Light have featured local and organic recipes and informative articles about the benefits of buying and eating local.

    Cookbooks focusing specifically on eating locally, seasonally, and organically have also been on the rise. Check out Eating Fresh Publications for more information on an array of local food recipes, including grass-fed beef and recipes from San Francisco’s Bay Area!
    There are numerous websites out there which feature favorite local/regional recipes- do a search for local food recipes native to your region! Or, check out these user and farmer-friendly websites for ideas on utilizing local foods in your mealtime planning.
    • LocalFoodDude.com
    • SeasonalRecipes.com